Inferno Pilates

High intensity interval training using Pilates principles. This is a fun, challenging class that keeps your heart rate up and your body moving. In this class you will burn hundreds of calories. The Pilate’s exercises in this class strengthen, tone and sculpt your entire body, with an emphasis on building core strength.

About this experience

  • Create Lean Muscle

  • Burn Fat Fast

  • Strengthen your Core

  • Improve your Circulation

  • Increase your Flexibility

Hot Pilates is a High intensity (low impact) work out for 60 minutes. Targeting the stomach, glutes, triceps, arms and thighs to a great soundtrack of music. Improve your flexibility, posture and enhance your mental awareness. The class is conducted in a heated room of approximately 35-37 degrees with a humidity of around 40%.

Each class is different and is suitable for all levels from Beginners to Advanced. Inferno Pilates will compliment your yoga practice.