We have some exciting Workshops

coming in 2021.


Vinyasa Flow Workshop with Kylie

"Freedom in Your Flow"

Saturday 15th May 2021

1:15 - 3:15pm

 This 2 hour workshop will cover some of the Vinyasa
fundamental asanas including alignment, transitions,
embodied movement & how to add flavour to your flow!

Your Investment $45.00 

Who is the Workshop For:

Any Yogi who is new to Vinyasa Flow & regular practitioners 

who need that extra guidance to deepen and strengthen their practice.

The Experience:

Opening circles - connection, safe space awareness & grounding

Warm up - Energy Medicine Routine incorporating Ida, Pingala & Sashumna

Several core asana & transition breakdowns

- Warrior/crescent/lunges & transitions

- High plank & chataranga

-Transition to up-dog or cobra

- Step jump float transition

- 3 leg dog flow & progression

- Wild thing - stable entry & exit 

- Spinal Waves - in tabletop & downward dog

- Question time

- Partner Stretching - sooooo good!

-Closing circles

Includes a tasty treat & cup of tea. 

Please book via Mindbody App or at the Studio.

Payment required prior to event.


  Amrei - Coming Back in October 2021

 Extended class format in low heat - individual

corrections - demonstrations refinement

of your postures to receive maximum

benefits. Specialised injury recovery

& pain management.



Amrei's Workshop - April 2021 


Some of our Workshops planned for 2021 are:

* Vinyasa - Learn the fundamentals & alignment 

* Posture Clinics

* Advanced Bikram Yoga

* Ashtanga Yoga

* Raw Food