"Studio Events"

Supercharged Meditation

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Tuesday Nights 7pm-8pm

 Would you like to achieve:

Inner Peace
Sleep Quality
Brain to Gut Health


 Allow your body to relax, heal and repair with Supercharged Meditation. 
Our unique combination of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Technology paired with guided meditation is specifically designed to help repair your nervous system 
and build resilience.

Things Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS) can treat:

Migraine                     Chronic Pain

Reflux                          Atrial Fribrillation

Allergy                        Autoimmune Disease

Epilepsy                     Behavioural Issues (e.g. autism)

GIT Complaints         Digeston

Depression                Crohn's Disease

Psoriasis                     Anxiety

Working Memory      Blood Brain Barrier

Cerebral Palsy           Inflammatory Disorders

Neuroplasticity via BDNF (stroke, rehabilitation)


$49 pp /$75 for a couple. Please bring yoga mat, towel, pillow & bolster.

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited. Please call us on 0499 071 882.

Sound Healing with Matthew Wilson

Coming again in late 2021

Join us for an afternoon of relaxing Yin Yoga and Sound Healing every quarter at the studio. Sound Healing can help clear energetic blockages within the body and thus facilitate healing on a physical and spiritual level.

Our Sound Healer uses vibrations to heal, for example the Tibetan singing bowls, tuning folks, guitar and the magical didgeridoo.
This truly is a magical and spiritual event you can’t afford to miss.
| Members $25 | Guests $35

Bookings are essential and pre-payment is required for this event. 


YSAA On-Line Yoga Championships

Sat 21st May 2021


Congratulations to our teachers & students that entered the competition. We are so very proud of you all. Go Team BYS!!!! You are all Champions!! 


Robbie Hunt - 1st Men's Category

Audrey Lindenau - 3rd Men's Category

Per Nilsson - 1st Men's Masters

Werner Piehler - 3rd Men's Masters

Nene Maslen - 1st Women's Category

Yvonne Salarimatin - 3rd Women's Category 






Amrei's Workshop April 2021

What an amazing week with Amrei Marden from

Bikram Yoga Sapphire Coast.

Here are some photo's from the Standing Series Workshop

recently held at BYS!