Alchemy of Sound & Breath - Fri 12th August 2022

Alchemy of Sound & Breath - The Inner Abundance

Friday 12th August

6:00pm  - 8:30pm

Join us for an evening of relaxing Sound Healing with Marco (Mago Menia) on this Imersive Didgeridoo infused sound journey, re-connecting us to our always available Heart Space of Inner Abundance.
We connect deeply inward through:
*Gentle Conscious Grounding Breathwork/Pranayama
*Heart Opening Meditations
*Dynamic Didjeridoo Infused Sound Healing with a variety of ancient and contemporary instruments.
In these sessions, that have a unique distinct energy, the immersive flow takes you on an inward journey where you totally Relax, Release and Rejuvenate.
We release stress and tensions from the physical, emotional and mental bodies and often move and unblock stagnant energy. This creates a space in which we also can find vision, clarity and a more grounded sense of direction, either during the session or afterwards.
A collection of Didjeridus that all create their own unique vibrational harmonics, are used alongside the deeply moving sounds of Flutes, Shaman Drum, Ancient Chants, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Handpan and other instruments. With Sound Samples and Live Looping all are woven into a dynamic Realm of Sound.
I feel deeply grateful to now share this Heart Offering that integrates the experience and understanding of a 24 years profound personal journey with Didjeridu, Sound Healing, Meditation and Breathing, with my Indigenous Mentors/elders, Buddhist Meditation Masters and other Teachers, not least Life Itself.
Friday 12th August 6pm – 8.30pm
The exchange is $69.- per person or
"Bring a Friend" 2 tickets for $118

Perfect for Beginners. 


"I’ve been playing the Didjeridu for over 23 years and spent extended periods of time with my Indigenous mentors, connecting deeper to country and people. The Original People from Top-End NT, from East Arnhem up to East Kimberley are the traditional custodians of the didjeridu, it’s with the encouragement and blessings of my connections there and my other mentors, that I use didjeridu in my work in the way I do.

The connection in Sound Healing with my female Buddhist teacher Khandro Thrinley Chodon, a great yogini and holder of the Divine Feminine, is very empowering and has significantly enriched this offering. My inspiration and guidance is my Devotion and reverence for teachers, country and culture.

Over more than 2 decades I collaborated with bands, theatre, DJ’s, visual artist and more. And in Sound Healing with yoga, breathwork, meditation, and much more, to significantly enhance my work.