Ettiquette, Pass Validity & Studio Cleaning


  • Please turn up on time. Aim for 15 minutes early so you can warm up. 
  • Please leave your shoes, phone and ego at the door.
  • Please explain to your teacher any injuries or ailments you may have prior to class.
  • Please do not visit the studio if you are feeling unwell.
  • Please be aware of your personal hygiene and limit perfume.
  • Please tie your long hair back.
  • Please keep talking low and to a minimum in the room before class begins.
  • Please place your mat over the centre line where possible. 
  • Front row leads the class and everyone moves together.
  • Try to stay still in your practice, limit unnecessary moving. 
  • The teacher controls the heat and the air in the hot room. 
  • Please try and share the mirrors where possible. 
  • Be kind to yourself and others in the room. 
  • Listen to the dialogue the teacher is delivering and action.
  • Your teachers job is to challenge you. 
  • Please refrain from talking during a yoga class and inside the room after final savasana.
  • Abusive behaviour or swearing at teachers or other students will not be tolerated. It will result in instant dismissal from the studio.
  • The studio is a place of physical and mental growth, personal challenge, spiritual realisation and community.
  • Try to have at least a 2 minute savasana at the end of class.
  • Before you walk into the hot room have your next class planned.
  • Hydrate well before and after class.

Most importantly, please enjoy your practice.


Pass Validity & Conditions of purchase:

5 Class Pass 3 months

10 Class Pass 6 months

25 Class Pass 12 months

50 Class Pass 24 months

Please note passes are non-transferrable & non-refundable.  BYS may in its sole discretion grant refunds without prejudicing any of its rights.

6 month passes - can be put on hold for up to 2 weeks.

Yearly passes/Family passes - can be put on hold for up to 1 month.

Direct Debit: You must sign up for a minimum of 6 months. If you break the contract prior you must give 2 weeks notice and pay a $100 break fee. After 6 months you must give us 2 weeks notice of cancelling. 

Covid Lockdowns - During Covid Lockdowns we will have on-line yoga available each day to our students via Zoom. Please see our Facebook page for more information during lockdown.  We hope you are able to enjoy these classes.

Please note, unfortunately we are unable to hold passes due to snap  Government lockdowns. We hope you understand but as a small business it is difficult for us when the Government announces these lockdowns with such short notice.





Our hot room has a Inovaair Air Clean E20 Plus purifier.  This machine removes viruses, bacteria, dust, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), road pollution, both mould spores and mycotoxins from the air. 100% Ozone free InovaAir Air Purifiers do not produce any harmful Ozone
Approved by the National Asthma Council 
Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program® 

Our studio is cleaned after every class with disinfectant sprays and hi-grade cleaners. Our carpets are vacuumed daily and twice a week we use X02 - Oradicator to clean the studio and the carpets. 

The Benefits: Pro-active bacteria and derived enzymes. Broad spectrum odour destroyer, high surface penetration. Versatile multi-surface formula, zero carcinogens, eco-friendly, biodegradable, 100% cruetly free & never tested on animals. Australian Made & Owned.

We have hand sanitizer throughout the studio for students use. 

Please, we ask that you do not visit the studio if you are feeling unwell or have been in-contact with anyone who is sick.

If you do test positive to Covid 19, please follow QLD Health's advice and isolate for the correct time. Please do not return to the studio until you have tested negative and are feeling healthy again. 

The health and wellbeing of our students and teachers are of upmost importance to us here at Bikram Yoga Southport.