Breathwork Optimization - 4 week program only $89 - STARTS Tues 10 May 7:15pm

This is an exciting 4 week program where you will learn so much about the breath & receive long lasting health benefits.

Did you know the breath has the ability to release up to 70% of the body's toxins?

Imagine finding the tools to relax the nervous system as well as train the nervous system to become more resilient and handle difficult situations with greater ease. Join us for an hour of active guided breathwork and feel the results for yourself.

Over the 4 weeks Josh will cover the following:

* Breath awareness & the breathing mechanisms
* Understanding alkalinity, the power the breath has to heal
* The triad of change, master these tools and transform your life
* Change your diet with your breath
* The power to take control of your emotions utilising the breath

Bookings and pre-payment is essential for this Workshop.

Josh Williams

Breathwork Facilitator, Cold Therapy, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist