May ‘2020’ bring you love, peace & happiness.

Namaste Darren & Stacy

We would like to welcome you to Bikram Yoga Southport. Darren and I have a lot planned over the coming months for the studio and we look forward to sharing our vision and creating a wonderful community for all our students.

Let us tell you a little about ourselves. Darren has been a teacher at Bikram Yoga Southport for 8 years and practicing at the studio for over 10 years. It has been his dream since completing his Teacher Training in 2012 to become a Studio Owner, so when the opportunity arose to purchase the studio Darren knew it was an amazing opportunity.  We are both extremely passionate about Bikram Yoga and the amazing benefits you receive from the practice.

Darren and I met in High School, some 32 years ago and then life sent us on different journey’s until almost 3 years ago when the universe had other plans and our lives collided. We have been inseparable ever since and we share the same values, dreams and passion.  Darren introduced me to Bikram Yoga and I was hooked from my very first class.

We are blessed at the studio to have amazing teachers and you will also find Darren teaching on the schedule each week. Let us introduce you to our teachers:

Darren – Bikram Yoga, VinYin

Nene – Bikram Yoga (Beginners and Advanced), Progressive Hatha Yoga

Alison -Bikram Yoga

Eunice – Bikram Yoga, VinYin, Yin

Robbie – Bikram Yoga & Progressive Hatha Yoga

Anna – Bikram Yoga & Yin

Elle – Bikram Yoga, Pre-Pregnancy Yoga

Bia – Bikram Yoga & Hot Barre

Kat – Bikram Yoga

Susie – Bikram Yoga, Pilates

Luke- Bikram Yoga

Shana – Bikram Yoga, Progressive Hatha Yoga

Izumi – Bikram Yoga

So, please watch this space for new and exciting changes. We will have some ‘Special Guest Teachers’ in the New Year and some exciting new classes!! We look forward to welcoming you to Bikram Yoga Southport.

Our Mission is to help inspire people to stretch, breathe and  connect with their inner selves,

finding balance and harmony within to live a happy life.

To create a new space of healing, growing, fun, development, laughter and passion for all.

Namaste Stacy and Darren.

 @bikramyogasouthport & FACEBOOK


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